Busy two months!

The last two months has been hectic and we have been undergoing some new changes in the company..
2016 is already moving fast forward and we are busy with Bikes and Apparel, Thanks for all your support in 2015 and hope to see you out there !
A few snap momets !

IMG_9984 IMG_9981 IMG_9975 IMG_9974 IMG_9971 IMG_9968 IMG_9965 IMG_9939 IMG_9873 IMG_9872 IMG_9865 IMG_9813 IMG_9807 IMG_9786 IMG_9773 IMG_0724 IMG_0719 IMG_0715 IMG_0700 IMG_0687 IMG_0685 IMG_0666 IMG_0663 IMG_0661 IMG_0599 IMG_0585 IMG_0583 IMG_0579 IMG_0576 IMG_0551 IMG_0546 IMG_0545 IMG_0543 IMG_0535 IMG_0524 IMG_0494 IMG_0492 IMG_0478 IMG_0477 IMG_0476 IMG_0475 IMG_0425 IMG_0423 IMG_0416 IMG_0389 IMG_0382 IMG_0375 IMG_0372 IMG_0351 IMG_0348 IMG_0332 IMG_0318 IMG_0311 IMG_0307 IMG_0300 IMG_0276 IMG_0246 IMG_0245 IMG_0244 IMG_0238 IMG_0236 IMG_0235 IMG_0230 IMG_0225 IMG_0178 IMG_0143 IMG_0132 IMG_0125 IMG_0119 IMG_0068 IMG_0065 IMG_0061 IMG_0059 IMG_0046 IMG_0005

GLEMSECK 101 2015

We want to bring Jörg, Maik and the rest of the GLEMSECK 101 team a BIG THANKS for a fantastic event, lot’s of fun, good business and inspirational relationships !

To all people who came and visit us at our booth, thanks for your business, we will bring more gear and goods next year, so hopefully we will see eachother again.

And the rest of you A holes, you know who you are, we love you, love drinking your beer and we are looking forward to race you again !!

IMG_3460 IMG_3461 copy IMG_3462 copy IMG_3466 copy IMG_3467 copy IMG_3469 copy IMG_3470 copy IMG_3471 copy IMG_3473 copy IMG_3474 copy IMG_3476 copy IMG_3479 copy IMG_3481 copy IMG_3484 copy IMG_3487 copy IMG_3489 copy IMG_3492 copy IMG_3495 copy IMG_3497 copy IMG_3499 copy IMG_3501 copy IMG_3506 copy IMG_3518 copy IMG_3519 copy IMG_3521 copy IMG_3522 copy IMG_3524 copy IMG_3526 copy IMG_3532 copy IMG_3533 copy IMG_3535 copy IMG_3537 copy IMG_3540 copy IMG_3549 copy IMG_3550 copy IMG_3551 copy IMG_3558 copy IMG_3560 copy IMG_3562 copy IMG_3564 copy IMG_3566 copy IMG_3570 copy IMG_3571 copy IMG_3572 copy IMG_3576 copy IMG_3577 copy IMG_3579 copy IMG_3581 copy IMG_3582 copy IMG_3583 copy IMG_3584 copy IMG_3585 copy IMG_3586 copy IMG_3588 copy IMG_3591 copy IMG_3593 copy IMG_3596 copy IMG_3603 copy IMG_3606 copy IMG_3611 copy IMG_3613 copy IMG_3615 copy IMG_3618 copy IMG_3619 copy IMG_3621 copy IMG_3622 copy IMG_3623 copy IMG_3624 copy IMG_3626 copy IMG_3633 copy IMG_3634 copy IMG_3635 copy IMG_3636 copy IMG_3637 copy IMG_3639 copy IMG_3642 copy IMG_3645 copy IMG_3649 copy IMG_3650 copy IMG_3652 copy IMG_3653 copy IMG_3657 copy IMG_3659 copy IMG_3660 copy IMG_3663 copy IMG_3666 copy IMG_3668 copy IMG_3670 copy IMG_3673 copy IMG_3674 copy IMG_3704 copy IMG_3706 copy IMG_3715 copy IMG_3730 copy IMG_3747 copy IMG_3750 copy IMG_3772 copy IMG_3776 copy IMG_3792 copy IMG_3810 copy IMG_3808 copy IMG_3811 copy IMG_3828 copy IMG_3853 copy IMG_3857 copy IMG_3866 copy IMG_3897 copy IMG_3909 copy IMG_3911 copy IMG_3921 copy IMG_3925 copy IMG_3929 copy IMG_3930 copy IMG_3933 copy IMG_3936 copy IMG_3943 copy IMG_3944 copy IMG_3952 copy IMG_3968 copy IMG_3976 copy IMG_3987 copy IMG_3995 copy IMG_4013 copy IMG_4020 copy IMG_4036 copy IMG_4053 copy IMG_4058 copy IMG_4061 copy IMG_4073 copy IMG_4103 copy IMG_4112 copy IMG_4130 copy IMG_4160 copy IMG_4163 copy IMG_4173 copy IMG_4191 copy IMG_4196 copy IMG_4200 copy IMG_4202 copy IMG_4212 copy IMG_4220 copy IMG_4240 copy IMG_4245 copy IMG_4256 copy IMG_4253 copy IMG_4264 copy IMG_4269 copy IMG_4292 copy IMG_4300 copy IMG_4301 copy IMG_4316 copy IMG_4323 copy IMG_4371 copy IMG_4381 copy IMG_4392 copy IMG_4398 copy IMG_4402 copy IMG_4458 copy IMG_4474 copy IMG_4482 copy

Monkee#74 Special Summer Price !!

This beauty is up for grabs.

We are now selling Monkee#74 at a Special Summer Price !
It’s been a crappy summer here in Denmark and we are back cleaning out the shop and we need to make room for new projects.
This bike is worth way more than the price we are asking, ride the rest of the season on this wheelie machine !!

Read specification here.

PRICE: € 10.000,-

IMG_2734 copy IMG_2758 copy IMG_2777 copy IMG_2779 copy IMG_2780 copy IMG_2785 copy IMG_2786 copy IMG_2789 copy IMG_2790 copy IMG_2791